You can buy our beers direct from us at the brewery, so you can get a fresh pint and see where it’s made at

the same time.

Products available are:

– Cask Ale – in various sizes: 2 pint, 4pt, mini-pin (18pt),

polypin (36pt) and firkin (72pt)

– Bottled beers

– Merchandise & gifts

– Gift vouchers for tours or any of the above


Cask ale is available to walk in and buy Thurs-Saturday.

However, polypins can be bought any day of the week if pre-ordered.  We can supply any of the beers in stock but require 24 hours notice.

When buying it’s key to decide if you want bright or sedimented beer:

Bright beer has the sediment removed, so the benefit is it can be served straight away.  However, it only lasts a couple of days.

Sedimented beer can be bought weeks in advance and the beer will last a couple of days longer when being drunk.  The down side is it needs to be left, where it’s to be served, for 24hours without movement before it can be drunk.

Links to; price list | opening times