Naked Ladies 500ml (4.4%ABV)

Done so as to preserve the luscious hop aroma, these 500ml bottles will give you the classic Naked Ladies pint experience wherever you are drinking it


Sundancer 500ml (3.7%ABV)

The glorious citrus hop that helped this beer win Silver at the Great British Beer Festival back in 2007 has been preserved wonderfully in its bottled form for a lovely beer at home


Grandstand 500ml (3.8%ABV)

Triple hopped with Brewer’s Gold, this amber ale is a refreshing bitter.  A session ale perfect for when you’re having more than one.

Redhead 500ml (4.1%ABV)

Roasted barley, along with a blend of pale/dark crystal malts and caramalt give this red hued beer a soft maltiness with roasted notes, whilst the English/German hop mix gives it a spicy hop character.


Honey Dark 500ml (4.8%ABV)

Brewed with dark malts and second fermented with honey, this strong dark beer has chocolate, coffee, caramel and (of course) honey featuring in its aroma and flavour

Session IPA (4.7%ABV)

Our Session IPA is a quaffable treat taking inspiration from American style Pale Ales. Amarillo, Mosaic and Chinook hops mean that our Session IPA is packed with tropical fruit flavours and an IBU of 25.

Liquid Gold (3.8%ABV)

Hopped with Cascade and Simcoe, this beer is full flavoured, with pine and citrus notes.

Brewed with extra Munich malt and wheat, to give a fuller mouthfeel, makes this beer taste stronger than it really is.