Naked Ladies 500ml (4.4%ABV)

Done so as to preserve the luscious hop aroma, these 500ml bottles will give you the classic Naked Ladies pint experience wherever you are drinking it


Sundancer 500ml (3.7%ABV)

The glorious citrus hop that helped this beer win Silver at the Great British Beer Festival back in 2007 has been preserved wonderfully in its bottled form for a lovely beer at home


Grandstand 500ml (3.8%ABV)

Triple hopped with Brewer’s Gold, this amber ale is a refreshing bitter.  A session ale perfect for when you’re having more than one.

Redhead 500ml (4.1%ABV)

Roasted barley, along with a blend of pale/dark crystal malts and caramalt give this red hued beer a soft maltiness with roasted notes, whilst the English/German hop mix gives it a spicy hop character.


Honey Dark 500ml (4.8%ABV)

Brewed with dark malts and second fermented with honey, this strong dark beer has chocolate, coffee, caramel and (of course) honey featuring in its aroma and flavour